Who gives a buck?

Millions of Children live on the brink. Simply not enough food to keep them alive. A child dies every 5 seconds simply from not having sufficient nutrition. A small donation can be a big help!

Starving Kids are dying
Every year six million children die from disease and sickness related to malnutrition. Can you help?

6 thoughts on “Who gives a buck?

    1. Hello Annette:
      Thanks for your comments and kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed viewing the Watson site. I originally set the site up just to share old photos, however it developed from there. I added Hubert Gladmans name to the “Nanny’s boys” photo.
      I meet Hubert once when I was about 17. I was with my father Rupert at a hotel which I think may have been the Windermere Hotel in Kangaroo Flat.
      In the 1971 photo, fourth from the left is me (next to Rupert) and fifth from the left is Shane Watson (Bruce and Eileen’s son), then Noel Lawrence.
      I must admit I was delighted to learn about the royal connection. It’s amazing nobody seem to know.
      If you have any photos or information you would like to put on the site, please let me know.

  1. Hi Jack

    Just had a run-through your photos again, and can identify the one with Nanny Stewart, Hubert Gladman in the centre, and his brother Tom centre back, their sister Marjorie in front of Hubert and on right was Nellie, next to Nanny Stewart. Hubert was the eldest, then Nellie, Tom and Marjorie.

    Also Nanny’s boys photo with Hubert in it. His brother Tom is definitely not in that one, says Peter (Hubert’s son, my husband).

    And…. Peter said it would definitely have been the Windermere where you met Hubert.

      1. We think our son James Gladman and a cousin of his Luke Macumber look quite like you. And the photo of you at the re-union certainly like my husband Peter when I first met him. I think you all must have that royal dna.

        There was another photo, one of four men in a Bendigo street that I think were two Watsons with two other young men, though to be the Gladman brothers. Well, they weren’t Hubert or Tom.

        It’s a great family history you have there. I’m glad you did it because I’m doing my own and it’s never ending. Most, if not all of Peter’s has been done by others thankfully.

        All the best,

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